BIG develops leaders and teams through facilitating powerful learning experiences which support disadvantaged members of the community. 

We help organisations achieve their Diversity and Inclusion objectives, Cultural Change initiatives and Leadership Development programs while helping the world become a better place.  

Change how you see the world and the world sees you.

Whether working with refugees, supporting  prisoners re-enter the community, mentoring  long term unemployed or cooking with children from the Commission Flats, the BIG approach, will develop the skill-sets and mindsets required to succeed in today's complex and demanding business environment. 

How we work

Our three step process includes a Learning Platform,  Immersive Learning Experience and  Post Workshop Application Session.  The Learning Platform will identify your learning needs and priorities. The Immersive Learning Experiences are half  or full day event(s) which will see you working on a project or activity with one of big's community partners.  The Post Workshop Application Session will ensure the learning is transferred to the workplace.  Professional development which is powerful, relevant, engaging and meaningful.

big's Programs and Services


Leadership Development

BIG's three step process will develop important leadership skills including,  managing unconscious bias, Diversity and Inclusion, leading diverse teams, harnessing creativity and innovation, developing purpose and authenticity and using stories to engage. The Immersive Learning Experience is tailored to meet your learning needs and ranges from half to full day(s) programs. Longer Trips to Country are available if you work with our Community Partner the Boon Wurrung Foundation. See

Team Building

 BIG's hands on Immersive Learning Experiences will help teams develop trust, work effectively with diversity and enhance their creativity and problem solving skills. From fun to stretching, the experience will last in the team's hearts and minds for years to come.

Aboriginal Consulting Services and Cross Cultural Training

In collaboration with the Boon Wurrung Foundation and Carolyn Briggs, BIG provides Aboriginal Consulting Services and Cross Cultural Training (Cultural Learning Forums).  See  or email

Diversity and Inclusion

BIG's Cultural Learning Forums and Immersive Learning Experiences will develop cultural confidence and support Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. Art Inclusive Workshops will engage employees and communiciate your Diversity goals and objectives.

Story Telling Workshops

Connect Through Stories: Learn from the First Peoples who have been using story telling as a way to engage their communities for  generations.

Creative Workshops

See our  Art Inclusive and Art of Sustainability programs, to add colour and energy to your next Team Building or Cultural Change initiative. 

Contact us to learn more about our unique approach to Leadership Development and Team Building.  


Click here to learn about our Cultural Learning Forums 

"The Art of Community"

BP Elite Volunteering Committee at Fitzroy Adventure Playground BP Elite Volunteering Committee at Fitzroy Adventure Playground