Leadership and Team Development through Corporate Volunteering,Team Volunteering, Immersive Learning Experiences and Bespoke Community Programs.

BIG helps the world become a better place through developing Inclusive Leaders and Teams. We do this through facilitating powerful Immersive Learning Experiences, events and team volunteering opportunities which give back to the community. 

The BIG approach

The BIG approach blends Employee Engagement, Leadership Development and Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Whether working with refugees, mentoring  long term unemployed, or cooking with children from the Commission Flats or visiting successful Social Enterprises, BIG's Immersive Learning Experiences develop leadership and team skills while giving employees the opportunity to make a difference.

Working directly with people from different backgrounds, experiences and cultures provides a rich learning opportunity for leaders and teams. Fresh experiences bring fresh perspectives. 

BIG also organises Team Volunteering (Melbourne) and Corporate Volunteering Programs (Melbourne).

BIG Programs and Services


Leadership Development

BIG's Immerisve Learning Experiences, Team Volunteering and Corporate Volunteering programs develop important leadership skills such as managing unconscious bias, Diversity and Inclusion, emotional intelligence, power without authority and authentic leadership. Programs are tailored to meet organisational needs and range from half to full day(s) programs. 

Team Building

BIG's Immersive Learning Experiences and Team Volunteering programs help your team develop trust, work effectively with diversity and enhance creativity and problem solving skills. From fun to stretching, the experience will create lasting memories.

Diversity and Inclusion

BIG's Cultural Learning Forums and Immersive Learning Experiences develop cultural confidence and anchor Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. We also offer the BIG Art Inclusive Workshops to help engage employees and communiciate your Diversity goals and objectives.

Inclusive Events, Conferences and workshops.

Conferences and events which support Social Enterprises and the local community while being kind to the enviornment. 

In line with BIG's passion for all things inclusive and sustainable, BIG's  Inclusive Events uses ethically sourced, environmentally friendly and community run organisations. We source up to 80% of all event supplies from Social Enterprises including, entertainment, guest speakers and activities. Support the community while hosting your next business conference, event or planning day.  

Creative Workshops and Team Building Events.

See our Art Inclusive and Art of Sustainability programs, to add colour and energy to your next Team Building day, Team Volunteering event or Cultural Change initiative. Team building through art, cooking and storytelling.

Aboriginal Consulting Services  and Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training

In collaboration with the Boon Wurrung Foundation and Elder Carolyn Briggs, BIG provides Aboriginal Consulting Services, Reconciliation Action Plan Consulting and Boon Wurrung Inducation Programs. See http://www.boonwurrung.org/  or email info@boonwurrung.org.au

Aboriginal Consulting Services Melbourne, Cultural Awareness Training Melbourne, Volunteering with Aboriginal Organisations.

Contact us to learn more about our unique approach to Leadership Development and Team Building.  


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Diversity Workshops

BP Elite Volunteering Committee at Fitzroy Adventure Playground BP Elite Volunteering Committee at Fitzroy Adventure Playground