Where Leadership and Team Development meets Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a Leadership and Team Building Consultancy and our intent is to drive positive change through developing Inclusive Leaders and Teams. We do this through facilitating powerful Immersive Learning Field Trips, Skills Based Volunteering opportunities and Corporate Art Programs which support disadvantaged and marginalised members of the community. 

The BIG approach

Organiations need new and effective ways to develop leaders and drive employee engagement. We know that employees are motivated by finding meaning in their work. Employee engagement surveys continue to illustrate the importance of organiations having robust Corporate Social Reponsibility initiatives. The Business Inclusive Group offers a unique approach to leadership and team development through blending  'HR', 'CSR' and employee engagement through powerful Immersive Learning Field Trips and experiences.

Whether working with refugees, mentoring long term unemployed, cooking with children at a Breakfast Club or visiting innovative Social Enterprises, BIG's Immersive Learning Field Trips provide a unique opportunity for leaders to develop new skills while simultaneously giving back to the community. 

Experiential Learning is at the heart of the BIG approach.  

Adults learn experientially - that is - from hands on experiences.  Our learning is accelerated when we are placed in situations which are unfamilar to us, challenging and even emotionally charged.  When out of our comfort zones we have to move from  'automatic pilot' and draw on new skills and behaviours.    

BIG's  Immersive Learning Field Trips are an inspirational learning experience.They capture the participants attention, enage their senses and emotions while providing a unique opportunity to practice new skills and behaviours. A powerful learning experience which will last in the hearts and minds of participants for a lifetime. 

Where "doing good, is good for business" 

Our Immersive Learning Field Trips provide the perfect opportunity for participants to learn new skills while making a positive contribution to the disadvantaged  and marginalised in our community. The BIG approach helps organisations achieve Corporate Social Responsibilty objectives while employees develop the skills essential for success in todays complex and volatile environment.

BIG’s Immersive Learning Field Trips

An Immersive Learning Field Trip involves participants visiting one or more of BIG’s Community Partners (Hosts) and enjoy the learning experience of a life time. Field trips range from a half- a day to five day programs and draw from a mix of guest presentations, sharing of stories, interviews, panel sessions, collaborative projects, focus groups and cultural activities. Field Trips commence with a briefing and conclude with a de-brief and workplace application session. 

Immersive Learning Experiences can be designed to support longer leadership programs (eg aField Trip could support monthly leadership sessions) or even include fortnightly coaching sessions (where existing leaders coach long term unemployed, new migrants or at risk youth.)

Immersive Learning Field Trips include working with refugees, migrants, long term unemployed, the homeless, prisoners, people living with a disability or at risk youth and children. A Field Trip may include a visit to some of the many uccessful and innovative Social Enterprises, not for profits or local Aboriginal owned corporations.

Immersive Learning Field Trips for Leaders

Immersive Learning Field Trips develop skills in key leadership competencies including: Diversity and Inclusion, Uconcsious Bias, Adaptive Leadership, operating in a VUCA environment, Leading Change and using Stories to engage. A Field Trip can be designed to support an existing leadership program or module, or you may choose to use BIG to design and faciliate a leadership program for you.

Immersive Learning Field Trips for Teams.

Immersive Learning Field Trips provide a novel and meaningful way to build teams. Wether the experience is fun and physical or something which tap into the existing talents of your team, BIG will plan and facilitate a Team Building experience which will last in the hearts and minds of participants for years to come. 

Immersive Learning Field Trips for Diversity and Inclusion

Immersive Learning Field Trips are a powerful way to experience different cultures, beliefs and backgrounds. Why not consider a BIG Field Trip to underpin an Unconscious Bias program? Consider a Field Trip and spend a day or two 'On Country' with an Aboriginal organisation. A powerful way to kick off a Reconciliation Action Plan working group or to spark new ideas for a Diversity project or Sustainability Plan. 

Immersive Learning Field Trips for Creativity and Innovation 

Just like a chef needs to experiment with new ingrediants and techniques to avoid becoming predictable, leaders need exposure to fresh experiences and ideas to stimulate new approaches to solve their own challenges. Field Trips are an excellent vehicle for leaders to learn from ‘naïve experts’– a naive expert being someone who is not familiar with your industry or profession but faces similar leadership challenges.  For example, who better to learn about developing new income streams than a  Not for Profit which has had its government funding withdrawn? What could you learn about sustainabilty from Australias First People's?  What could you learn about perspective from a professional artist?

Using Art for Leadership, Teambuilding and Change Initiatives

In line with BIG's passion for experiential learning, BIG faciliitates Corporate Art Programs. Professional artists work with teams to help create collaborative art peices and faciliate creative sessions as part of wider conference sessions and events.  Corporate Art Programs will add colour, energy and engagement to your next Leadership program, Diversity event, Team Building day or other change initiative.   


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